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Dr. Undo Computer Repairs

Servicing the Central Sunshine Coast Area, Buderim, Sippy- Downs, Maroochydore, Coolum, Alexandra Headlands, and surrounding areas.  Dr. Undo Computer Repairs will service your PC needs on site, from 9am to 9pm 7 days a week.  

You will find I am a computer technician who can deliver prompt efficient maintenance, repairs, upgrades and training on your IT equipment.


To be able to call upon my services when others are closed, when you need assistance most to help you get on with; that important assignment for University or the document for work that has to be handed in tomorrow.

Solutions to your questions explained in clear, easy to understand terms as you witness your pc being optimised to it's full potential. 

Advice on how to keep your computer clean, fast and running smoothly with all options discussed on how to achieve the maximum performance out of your PC through configuration, software and hardware upgrades.

Latest Articles

Do you have paper notes all over your desk?

In my travels, I have found a certain generation of computer users rely heavily on dead tree form (Paper) to keep notes on computer related stuff.

Some of these people are quite organised, containing all these notes in a small notebook (Anologue Paper version).

Others however have it evenly spread out all over their office, rummaging through a very inefficient mess for hours on end looking for that "Thing they wrote down a week ago..".

Miss igoogle? Try Netvibes

Many people out there may have had used this awesome homepage from Google and grieve passing.

I'd invite you to try out Netvibes, I've been using it for my homepage for over a year and it is great!

Customise your layout and separate your interests into tabs across the top.  There's several different layouts to choose from, and of course it automatically updates content from the news feeds your choose.

Can't find a newsfeed on a subject?  Use the search facility on the top left of the screen.  Membership is free and the service has a nice polished interface.

Cloud backup - Get the foggiest idea here

There's something we know we all should do but never get around to doing.  Besides that house extension or BAS statement.  It's backing up your important stuff on your PC.  

Surge Protection - cheap insurance!

Seriously folks, you know what I'm talking about.  Have a look under your desk right now, it's ok I'll wait.  There.. see that "older than sand" power board under your desk?   It's probably not even a surge protected power board, it's just a power board.

Stumbleupon - When sleep is something you want to avoid

www.stumbleupon.com... see you on the other side of this month!